Why I Love Golfing

I haven’t always been into golf. It was never a huge passion of mine as a kid and I actually found it very boring compared to other sports. This view changed midway through high school and I began playing with friends and became addicted to it. It was a great way to blow a couple hours after school and actually led me on a path to become a caddy at a golf course near my hometown. I realized as high school ended that other sports would be hard to play as I grew older but golf was something I could do for a very long time. Another reason it became a passion is because every shot is my own and I only have myself to blame for the good and bad alike. I had always played team sports but this was something where I didn’t have to hope for someone else, only me. It sounds selfish in a way but it’s a great feeling having to be the one to hit the right shot when the pressure is on. Hopefully those who read this try golfing at some point but I know I regret not trying it sooner, so don’t wait too long!